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26 Mar 18

There is grace in the work of Amor Coetzee, the creative mind behind the South-African brand Dayfeels. Grace in the artistic gesture, grace in the materiality of her ceramics, grace in the lines of her illustrations. A graceful yet powerful aesthetic. And this is precisely this interpretation between those contraries, stretching from the sea wave to the land, from the aquatic fragility to the mineral solidity that reveals such a poetic dimension to the artwork of the brand. Iconic of the new Cape Town art scene, Dayfeels enchanted us by the diversity of her creations so subtly bold and unique. Her work where she experiments with textures, abstract shapes and patterns is a reflection of a uniting process between surface and interiority. All things possibly melting in harmony at the end.

photo ©Love Made Visible

What was your inspiration behind your Dayfeels brand name?

The name Dayfeels came to life when I started drawing daily illustrations based on aphorisms — a metaphorical phrase which embodies a feeling. It was the mood I felt each day brought to life by line on paper.

Your work is deeply inspired by the natural elements, water, sand, stone... Do you think there is some sort of ecological commitment in any work with ceramics?

Having had the privilege to grow up in a beautiful seaside village and on a farm taught me to really appreciate the absolute beauty and fragility of nature and how deeply connected we are to it. The care and conservation of the environment has always been one of the most important factors in my life and my brand. I try my very best each day to sustain a lifestyle based around taking care of our beautiful planet not only in my personal world but in my business. This has definitely influenced the aesthetic of my work and paying homage to that will always be present in what I do.

photo ©Amor Coetzee - Dayfeels
« Days move on and times they change. In a blink of an eye things rearrange. We're moving Moving. » Alice Pheobe Lou — Orbit

You already work with many creative mediums, from photography to illustration, ceramics and textile too. Do you have new projects coming up?

Is there something that inspires you particularly at the moment? At the moment we are working hard behind the scenes on a number of commissions and collaborations simultaneously with brands and clients who I have admired so much. Each being completely different in mediums. These will be revealed in time but for now are still in early stage development.

Music is truly important in your daily life. Is there any favorite tracks right now in your creative studio? Or do you prefer silence when work is at play?

Music is a constant source of inspiration to me but I spend most of my time working while listening to audio books and podcasts. I find them quite soothing and I love the nostalgic feeling I get from listening to them. They remind me of my childhood, lying on my back in the lounge listening to stories on the radio.

Your work basic colors are black and white. Let us ask a trick question to finish… at the end if only one was left, which one!?

That is not fair! One cannot survive without the other in my books, but if I had to choose, I would probably choose black.

photo ©Love Made Visible