Dayfeels Speckled Bowl

Dayfeels Speckled Bowl in Kitchen

Speckled bowl is inspired by the water minerals and moonlike landscape of Redhill Dam in South Africa.

The shape is organic while the texture is subtle and contrasts details. 

Smooth and glossy on the inside and raw and unglazed on the outside.

• Designed and handmade by Amor Coetzee - Dayfeels - in her studio of Cape Town. 

• White earthenware clay.

• Size approx: W 20cm x H 8cm

Each piece is one-of-a-kind with an individual organic quality and character and may vary slightly. This is part of their charm and not considered a design fault.

30,00 €


There is grace in the work of Amor Coetzee, the creative mind behind the South-African brand Dayfeels. Grace in the artistic gesture, grace in the materiality of her ceramics, grace in the lines of her illustrations. A graceful yet powerful aesthetic. And this is precisely this interpretation between those contraries, stretching from the sea wave to the land, from the aquatic fragility to the mineral solidity that reveals such a poetic dimension to the artwork of the brand.